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What is the Global Climate Change? With the Perspective of the People Who Live
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Due to its serious impact upon the environment and on almost all aspects of life, climate change is internationally discussed among all vital sectors of life. In this study, global climate change is explained with the perspective of the people who have no prejudices, but live it. Therefore, it is possible to extract the answers of 5 questions that are frequently asked on global climate change that people are concerned with in their answers. For the goal, herein first, the previous research performed on “global climate change” has been abstracted and discussed briefly. Finally, in the light of the current literature, the study is concluded in 15 questions.
Keywords:Global Warming; Global Climate Change; Climate Change; Greenhouse Gases
Author: Z. Fuat TOPRAK1
1.Civil Engineering Department, Dicle University, Diyarbakir, Turkey
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