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A Study on Ecotope Diversity Transition Analysis in the Middle of the Mankyung River, South Korea
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An ecotope is an environment where an ecological niche and habitat are combined. Ecotopes are the smallest habitat units that are homogeneously classifiable on maps. Since the diversity of classified ecotopes i closely related to biodiversity, analysing ecotope diversity should be useful for indirectly presuming ecological healthiness. In this study, ecotopes in the middle of the Mankyung River were classified by time period (1918~2014), and the changes of their diversity before and after the construction of dikes were analyzed. Based on this analysis, the ecological healthiness of the environments of the Mankyung River was evaluated. The results of this study show that, after the construction of dikes in 1948, riverside lands formed intensive ecological environments, but the ecotope diversity index of protected lowlands declined sharply due to the artificial development of roads, farmlands, houses, and rural villages.
Keywords:Ecotope; Diversity; Stream Environment; Habitat; Aerialphoto
Author: WooRam KIM1, JiSung KIM2, Il HONG2, KyuHo KIM3
1.Researcher, Hydro Science and Engineering Research Institute, KICT, South Korea
2.Senior Researcher, Hydro Science and Engineering Research Institute, KICT, South Korea
3.Senior Research Fellow, Hydro Science and Engineering Research Institute, KICT, South Korea
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