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Batch Sorption Experimental Study for Phosphorus Removal Mechanisms Using Wetland Gravel Medium
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Sorption experiments conducted for estimation of the phosphorus sorption capacity for the local gravel. The tests performed for two different concentrations of the influent phosphorus solution i.e. 4mg/L and 8 mg/L. Experimental results were then modeled using Langmuir and Freundlich equation. Batch isotherm studies show that the P sorption study follows the Freundlich isotherm rather than the Langmuir isotherm. Additionally, ultimate sorption capacities were calculated, and observed that the gravel medium has a sorption capacity in the range of 17mg/kg ~ 22 mg/kg of the gravel. The ultimate quantity estimated was more by using the Freundlich isotherm as compared to the Langmuir isotherm. Also, the sorption capacity was more in the case for the higher concentration effluent (8mg/L) than, the lower one (4mg/L). During the design phase of the wetland system, batch isotherm studies represent a useful criterion for practical considerations of the application of the media. Therefore, the information will enable to short-list materials for wetland or filter design.
Keywords:Phosphorus; Sorption; Limestone; Gravel; First Order Equation; Saturation; Freundlich; Langmuir
Author: Anamika S Paul1, B C Anderson2
1.Galgotias University, Dept of Chemical Engg., Greater Noida, India
2.Queens University, Dept. of Civil Engg., Kingston, Ontario, Canada
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